Environmental Justice

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Cities Must Lead The Way and Reduce Impacts

Cities cover 2% of the Earth but product 70% of all emissions

  • GOOD will allow large metropolitan areas to procure or generate their own power.

  • GOOD will meet and implement International Commitments to reduce emissions and ensure that local governments in Towns and Cities lead the way in reducing environmental impacts by:

  • Offering better public transport, more recycling & more compact living

  • Helping citizens reduce their individual impacts through more efficient homes, more public transport use and education on Smarter, healthier diet choices

Rising Energy Costs, Ballooning Eskom’s Debt.

  • GOOD will split Eskom into Generator and Distributor so that utilities can compete to provide South Africans with competitive prices.

  • GOOD will increase renewable Energy into the grid.

  • Wind & Solar Energy already offer cheaper and lower emission energy into the grid

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Equitable Sharing & Sustainable Catchment Management

Increasing heatwaves and droughts are placing water security at risk.

  • GOOD will protect key catchments, rivers and wetlands by devolving management and decisions to Catchment Management Agencies, bringing governance closer to the people

  • GOOD will improve water security by removing thirsty invasive alien vegetation, thereby creating many rural jobs, increasing water yields and also improving our environment