Gender based violence

Honourable Speaker 

Members of Parliament 

GOOD welcomes the President’s immediate response and R1.1 billion emergency funding to stem the tide against Gender Based Violence and Femicide.

Our women and children are under attack and South Africa is bleeding. 

We have debated it long enough, we have mourned those murdered and raped. South Africans are sick and tired.

We must rebuild the social fabric of society.

I call on all political leaders who criss-crossed the country looking for votes to revisit all those communities with a strong anti-gender based violence message.

Madam Speaker, now is the time for action and implementation.

In my capacity as Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure I can play a pivotal role to get my Department to address the government’s ability to stem the tide against Gender Based Violence and Femicide.

The Department has drawn up an Action Plan and it commits to these priorities:

Mainstream gender responsiveness by changing guidelines for the design of buildings. They must be safer and more accommodating.

Run internal and industry campaigns like engaging with male dominated construction industry against gender based violence and using all government buildings as billboards for key messages and awareness campaigns in partnership with the private sector.

My department is in the process of identifying unused and underutilised buildings and make them available for shelters and safe houses to victims of gender based violence.

We are continuously monitoring DPWI’s implementation of its action plan

Through infrastructure delivery, DPWI is promoting safer environment by improving security for women and girls in all public spaces. 

This includes child and victim friendly rooms at police stations, courts and other government buildings.

DPWI will also work with other government departments to ensure there is decent accommodation for the 11 sexual offences courts and LGBTQ shelters in every province.

Lastly, it is GOOD to see the political will to urgently amend legislation and policies that will see harsher sentences for gender based violence and femicide perpetrators.

 South Africans, I am with you and I stand with you in calling for greater action.

This scourge needs the mass mobilisation of an army of all South Africans and especially men to start acting. 

I thank you.

Cameron Arendse