​16 April 2019

Statement from GOOD leader Patricia De Lille
I am grateful for the IEC who have concluded its investigation into my complaint that the DA has used its tele-marketing campaign to spread lies about me. 
I have been forced to spend much of the past two years defending myself from scurrilous and false lies spread about me by the DA. Besides the IEC matter, I have had to take the DA to court three times in order to stop the party from tarnishing my reputation, winning each case – and there are presently four defamation cases pending against individual members of the DA.
I welcome the IEC’s finding that the DA’s claim to have fired me from the position of Mayor of Cape Town is a lie. I note that the IEC said it did not have all the facts to pronounce on the DA’s corruption claim, and will now refer this aspect of my complaint to the Electoral Court.
The IEC has given the DA three days in which to publicly apologise to me. I expect the DA to be calling each and every individual they previously called with misinformation to apologise for lying to them. I also expect the DA to publish its apology in the mass media.
Media Enquiries:

Cameron Arendse
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