3 OCTOBER 2019

I am disappointed that the DA didn’t put the Premier’s Safety Plan on the Order paper for debate today.

For some reason the DA avoids bringing their government’s term of office priorities to this Parliament for debate.

We have welcomed the Premier’s decision to have a Safety Plan but I have not been able to find the actual plan.  

So far it seems it is nothing more than a media statement and a video.

No debate is necessary to confirm that crime in our province and our country is out of control.

Theft, sex for jobs, denigration of women, assault, murder and hate have become ingrained in our society.  

GOOD has consistently stated that policing alone will never solve our society’s problems.

During the elections, the DA promised a provincial police force. 

The previous head of policy for the DA admitted that the party does not take policy seriously. 

I am inclined to agree, because they ignored the evidence from the USA which proves that provincial or state policing does not work.

Anyone who has worked for local or provincial government knows that you cannot simply quickly get permission to cross municipal and provincial boundaries.

In the USA, hundreds of thousands of suspects evade justice by simply going across the provincial borders.  

When we developed our policies, GOOD looked to other countries that have already solved the challenges we are experiencing.

In Colombia, serious crime has been reduced by more than 80% in some cities.  

This was achieved by ensuring that effective policing works hand in hand with social services.  

They focus on fixing the root causes of crime, not just the symptoms of complex social and economic issues.

This is GOOD’s proven solution to reducing crime.

I appreciate Premier Winde’s recent about turn in adopting GOOD’s plan, because he is right – policing must work hand in hand with social services. 

One easy example of that alignment is to stop lying to the public that there are enough shelters for homeless people.  

And stop criminalising those who are homeless.

In Cape Town, we attempted to align social development and safety and security to achieve alignment of policing with social services.  

Unfortunately your Mayco Member, JP Smith, was unable to integrate policing with social interventions and the DA have now undone that progressive, international best practice move.  

Thank you to the Premier for endorsing GOOD modern policy. 

Please would the rest of your party stop dragging us backwards.


Cameron Arendse