15th March 2019

GOOD joins the Youth of South Africa in their call to acknowledge the climate emergency

Statement by Mark Rountree: GOOD National Policy Officer

GOOD commends the actions being taken by the youth of our country to highlight the need for urgent action to address climate change in South Africa as part of today’s #GlobalStrikeforClimate. We cannot afford to continue with government as usual, because:

  • Eskom’s reliance on dirty coal energy is already responsible for more than 2,200 air-pollution related deaths per year.  

  • Coal-generated electricity and the petrol in our cars we must use because of urban sprawl and the poor state of the country’s rail services are the consequences of poor government decisions.

  • The consequences of using fossil fuels are already clear for us all to see: the world’s climate is changing faster than scientists had initially predicted. 

  • Locally, we have experienced increasingly extreme droughts, heatwaves, unpredictable rainfall patterns and associated fires that decimate vast areas.

  • On a global scale, our increasingly warming earth is causing the extinction of countless species that we share the plant with. 

  • The changing climate is making food production less secure and driving up food prices during droughts and extreme weather events. 

GOOD applauds the brave young people across South Africa who are calling for more renewable energy on our grid, for a reduction in carbon emissions and firm commitments to these aims.

GOOD comprises many young leaders who similarly recognise the need for achieving environmental justice for our country and its people, especially for the youth who will inherit the impacts of the decisions our government is making today.  We agree that today’s inaction is stealing these young people’s future.

GOOD supports the Climate Strike Cape Town and the call for all South Africans, political parties, governments and businesses to acknowledge the climate emergency.

The decisions we make today are affecting us today. 


Mark Rountree: markr@forgood.org.za

082 880 4393