22 April 2019

Statement by Patricia de Lille

Leader of GOOD

GOOD has approached the Western Cape High Court to seek an urgent interdict against the DA to stop their lies.

The DA has defied the IEC and refuses to apologise for their lies.

Last week, on the 15th April 2019, the IEC found that the DA had breached the Electoral Act and the Electoral Code by instructing their call centre operatives to tell voters that I had been “fired” by the DA.

The DA scripted this message knowing it to be false. This means they broke the law and breached the Electoral Act and the Electoral Code of Conduct. 

The IEC ordered them to desist from using the script and to apologise to me within 3 days.

The DA has refused to do so and instead have launched an application to review the IEC’s decision. 

That review application seeks to continue their malicious lies against me and I will not stand for it.

The DA have a right to apply to review the IEC decision but they do not have the right to continue to make false statements about me.

My lawyers have requested the DA to give me an undertaking to stop using their false script, saying that they “fired me”, at least until a court has determined the finding of the IEC.

The DA have unreasonably refused to do so and this forces me to approach the courts, once again.

The DA are publishing false statements about me with the intention of influencing the voters choice and the outcome of the election.

This constitutes an infringement of the right of South Africans to free and fair elections and as the Constitutional Court has found: “without free and fair elections we would have no democracy”.


Cameron Arendse