NA Debate

Honourable Speaker

We can never justify the violence and criminality we've seen in South Africa the past weeks.

We must condemn it.

As South Africans we must be honest and frank. We must call a spade a spade.

It was shameful what happened. Violence has taken hold of our nation.

Some of the violence seems to be orchestrated to embarrass us and distract South Africa from the real task - building a more just and inclusive society.

Violence - be it gender-based violence, gang violence or xenophobic violence must be condemned.

Unless good South Africans stand up and say enough is enough, violence will be with us for a very long time.

As South Africans, we must always remember we are African. We are not an island. We are part of this continent, and its people are part of us.  

Madam Speaker,

 We must put a stop to these useless ideological debates and focus on the reality of how to grow the economy and create jobs.

We must leave these outdated ideological debates and focus on the reality. People can't eat ideology.

The problems of our people knows no political affiliation. When you are poor, homeless, and landless – it does not matter what political party you belong to.

The solution is to create more opportunities for our people and create an enabling environment for new businesses to prosper. 

Only then when people can see opportunities, see government is enforcing its laws and creating a level playing field will these senseless acts stop. 

Finally, South Africa signed Africa Free Trade agreement and in our future it is not just goods and services that will cross our borders – people will continue to cross the borders. 

South Africans must be empowered with the right tools and attitude to take advantage of an Africa that trades freely with one another. We can build a more prosperous and equal society that welcomes all.  Thank you.


Cameron Arendse