Letter on Gender Violence

GOOD movement's letter to MEC for Community Safety on gender violence...


GOOD  wants Western Cape Community Safety MEC Albert Fritz to stop wringing his hands over gender violence and use powers vested in him by the Western Cape Community Safety Act to contribute to improving the manner in which police stations respond to complaints from women.

The matter was raised by GOOD MPL Brett Herron in the Western cape Legislature last week, during the debate on gender-based violence and femicide. The weekend report on the shocking treatment by police of a Khayelitsha mother attempting to report the rape of her three-year-old daughter underscores the urgency of the situation.

"I request that you invoke your powers to conduct an audit of how all of our police stations are responding to complaints of gender-based violence and sexual assault. The starting point to addressing this indictment of police conduct... is to have the information," wrote Herron to Fritz today.

While control of the South African Police is a national competency, the province has critical responsibilities to monitor and assess the effectiveness and efficiency of police services.

"You have the power to take reasonable action to address the unacceptable manner in which women encounter the police, and their response to gender-based violence," Herron, a lawyer and Secretary-General of the GOOD, sums up the position for the MEC.

"At the very least we should make sure that when women report gender-based violence and sexual assault, committed against themselves or their children, that the police respond sensitively, appropriately and with a sense of urgency."

The full letter from Herron to Fritz is can be read by clicking here