3 Sept 2019

Speech by GOOD Leader

Patricia de Lille

Honourable Speaker 

Members of Parliament 

As a nation we must hang our heads in shame. 

Our women and children are under siege. South Africa is in the grips of a vicious war being waged against our women and children. 

Last week in the Women’s Parliament session, I named a list of women who had been brutally killed by men in recent weeks and years and the list is growing.

At the time we knew of the disappearance of Nene Mrwetyana, a UCT student but I had hoped and prayed that I would never have to add her name to that list of murdered women.  

Today we mourn for all our women and children.

The scourge of violence against women and children and femicide is an utter disgrace in a country where women fought for justice and fairness for all South Africans. 

Speaker: South Africans are sick and tired… there are calls to bring this country to a standstill and I agree. It is time for action. 

We are wearing black as an act of mourning the loss of these women and girls.

South Africans, I am with you and I stand with you in calling for greater action to deal with these cowards and this scourge of the killing of women and children. 

The profiles of these men are no longer just that of a monster, someone who is unemployed or whatever we think the profile of these men are. 

They are every day men, they are sons, brothers, husbands and how will we stop this. 

The solution quite frankly is never going to come from government alone, it needs the mass mobilisation of an army of all South Africans and especially men to start acting. 

Madam Speaker, I here by call for an amendment to the Criminal Law Amendment Act 105 of 1997 on Minimum sentence legislation. 

I call for an amendment to schedule 2 part 1, in that we must add femicide as a compulsory life sentence crime. 

The status quo and the current punishment is not a deterrent. 

There is no regard for human life. 

There is no regard for the women who gave life. 

There is no regard for the potential that the young women would fulfil if their lives were not cut short in such a vile manner. 

We have failed our women and it is time for us all to come together and deal with this once and for all. 

It is also no use that only women take a stand against femicide.

You don’t have to be black to fight racism, you don’t have to be gay to fight homophobia and you don’t have to be a women to fight for equality and women’s rights. 

As we raise little boys, we must teach boys about respect and responsibility. 

We must stop pampering little boys and making excuses for men, dismissing their behaviour which we know are warning signs.

Because one day when these boys grow up, they will expect the same from their partners or wives. 

Our Tata Nelson Mandela said: “Freedom cannot be achieved unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression."

Today our women are still slaves to this system of patriarchy and violence.

Madam Speaker, let us do the work we have been elected and entrusted to do. 

In government, we need to show South Africans that we care, harsher penalties must be put in place for convicted criminals. 

We need stricter laws and better enforcement of these laws.

No bail for these suspects, these culprits need to be evicted from our society... May these fallen angels rest in peace. I thank you.

Cameron Arendse