5 April 2019

Statement by GOOD Leader Patricia de Lille


I am very concerned about Hout Bay. 

In particular, I am concerned that temporary housing on the so-called Triangle Site adjacent to Imizamo Yethu, meant to be completed in mid-February to facilitate the installation of bulk services, has been delayed due to a lack of political will in the Cape Town City Council.

I am concerned that those political leaders now in charge after my resignation at the City of Cape Town under-appreciate the urgent necessity for integrated spatial planning and the integration of our people. 

Driving into Hout Bay, one cannot fail to notice that the valley boasts all the necessary ingredients to become a model of a functional integrated community: People of all shapes, sizes, classes & colours, natural beauty, open space, local jobs and industry. 

But since the advent of democracy 25 years ago, neither ANC nor DA city administrations have been able to re-imagine spatial planning to drive an integration agenda in Cape Town. 

The “not-in-my-backyard” mentality of relatively wealthy ratepayers, backed by conservative city councillors, has led to the perpetuation of the apartheid group areas status quo.

The idea is not to chase anyone out; it’s to create space to allow sustainable communities to flourish. For how long do the privileged believe that the people of Imizamo Yethu will sit contentedly in their shacks on the hill, without water or proper sanitation, gazing at the splendid properties sprawling across the rest of the valley?

Integration won’t just benefit the poor; all can live with peace in their hearts and in their homes.

This is not only the case in Hout Bay; the resistance that I encountered in the City to integrated planning in the City Centre, Sea Point, Salt River, Woodstock and Clifton was well documented.

Nor is the problem confined to Cape Town. The two protestors who were killed during police action in Caledon yesterday, were demonstrating against the injustices of homelessness, landlessness and inequity in that town. Protests against similar injustices were underway in Alexandra in Johannesburg this week.

I am issuing this statement, because it is more-or-less what I planned to say at the public debate in Hout Bay this morning, which was violently disrupted by supporters of certain political parties.

I am proud to have led a turnaround in housing delivery that saw us last year, for the first time ever, exceed the city’s annual housing delivery target. No previous ANC nor DA Mayor has achieved that. As great as this achievement is, much more more remains to be done.

The people of Hout Bay, including those living in Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg, deserve better. 


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