The GOOD Party welcomes the urgency implicit in Premier Winde’s new anti-crime plan, and is hesitant to be too critical of the plan because there are no quick-fix solutions to reducing what has become a deeply complex social plague.


The Premier should however take care in his haste to embed provincial plans in sustainable and holistic strategies with clear outcomes rather than chase quick-win soundbites.


It makes no sense to jump from one plan to the next in an attempt to look busy. The abandonment of the integrated and collaborative Premier’s Priority Committee on Safety – before it began its work – is indicative of floundering leadership.  


And the Premier’s announcement that the Province would be “going it alone” will bear no more fruit than chasing shadows. He must explain how law enforcement officers, across the Province will be able to operate under the “command and control” of the Provincial Government when they are in actually municipal peace officers with very specific powers and jurisdictions.


There are a few practical suggestions the GOOD Party believes the Premier should have considered:

  • Guiding the City of Cape Town on appropriate law-enforcement priorities – We know well which communities are under siege but the city deploys law-enforcement resources to fine homeless people and attend to noise complaints.

  • Committing the Province to spatial justice – Until we address spatial inequalities present in our towns and cities we can never truly address the social outcomes of environments designed to prop up apartheid ideology, which incubates violence and perpetuates exclusion.



Cameron Arendse